websites or places for buying bonsai trees

boulou3August 10, 2014

Does anyone know any websites that I can buy I nice bonsai tree that ships, preferably a website with plenty of varieties to chose from, if not does anyone know any stores in south Florida that sell bonsai trees? Any help would be greatly appreciated please and thanks in advance.

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You know, you can just go to your local nursery, get some young (or not so young) trees and DIY, which is way more meaningful, educational and interesting than buying someone else's already half done (or mostly, if they're already old) trees, plus it's much less expensive. And you can find appropriate pots somewhere along the way.

Another thing to think about is that buying trees online means you don't get to examine them in any real way - can't see what's on the far side, can't really check out the root structure on top, or know if there are insects around... or to put it another way, would you want to buy a new pet like that, or other types of artwork?

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agree with moonchinka, check out your local proprietors. I would think in s fl there would be many within a reasonable distance, with much variety.

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I drive by Bonsai West every day and I believe they have a great reputation. I have never been in and know nothing about Bonsai but you can poke around their site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonsai West

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I would consider joining your local bonsai club and seeing where they would suggest. Perhaps a member might sell you one, or better yet, a pre-bonsai from their collection at a reasonable price, and help you start your own.

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