tropicanna companion plantings

mrtoad(7b NC)April 22, 2009

in my potager i have 4 of the raised beds are triangles  4x4x6  in the center of the triangle i am planting (in a partially sunken terra cotta pot) a canna lily , tropicana - the garden has other terra cotta and i use tuscan colors as much as possible

what suggestions do you have as companion plantings around the tropicanna, canna lily Â


mr toad

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Cosmos? New Guinea Impatiens - or 'ordinary' Impatiens single or double? Swiss chard with coloured stems? Coleus? Radiccio? Purple Sedum or broccoli? Bedding dahlias - if you can catch the red or pink streak of the tropicanna? Pink sage? Lantana? Dark basil?

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Mine are interplanted with Eucomis "Sparkling Burgundy", which echo the canna's dark foliage (propagated via leaf cuttings) and Sinningia selloviae, with red spikes of bloom all summer. Both of these are reasonably hardy here and like the same conditions as the cannas - lots of water and warmth in summer, drier with a deep mulch in the winter. There's kind of a cool contrast among the colors and shapes of the blooms as well.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I have some daylillys,salvia& red castor beans,amaryllis,glads& yes basil /ruby something it has purple leafs& does better than purple ruffles.If i don't let it flower it keeps the dark coloring& gets bushier then in oct I'll let it gets the greenish cast just like purple ruffles then.The 1st year I grew them.I planted blackie sweet potato vine& had yellow mums near them also.but was mad the cannas didn't bloom.They get full blasted sun now.I might move some mums back by them.A good vine would be black eyed susan vine.

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