Bonsai Lilac

mmasiniAugust 18, 2010

My neighbor is moving out and she has a yellow lilac she had just planted a few months ago. It is about 3 feet tall, and is pretty young yet. She told me i can have it but i really only want to use it for indoors due to living arrangements. Can i bonsai this somehow and if i can whats a good guide for a greenhorn like me to point me in the right direction to do it?



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Do some reading (see below). You can't use Lilac, or anything else that would grow outdoors in your climate, indoors. Won't survive. They need the cold winter to go dormant, and the gradual cooling and warming in the fall and spring, as well as natural humidity, the sun, rain, nutrients in the ground and a few other things. You don't just grow trees (bonsai) like house plants, there's a whole other learning curve to go by and here's a place to start for basics - For more information on what you can grow inside (only tropicals) go to, and for outdoors

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