Ostrich--How are your overwintered tulips doing?

joannembApril 1, 2010

I know previously I had said I brought them outside, but took them back in after a day or so because it got cold again. Are you bringing yours out this week? It's been beautiful! I took mine out yesterday, and this morning noticed a few drooping. Called the nursery and they told me to limit sun for a while until they get used to it. Start with 2 hours a day and then in a couple of days go to 3 hours and then so on. What a process this has been! LOL My husband said "We're not doing this again next year" I said "What? If this works and they bloom I most certainly AM doing it".... 40 white tulips lining my front porch for 2 weeks? Worth every second of the effort :)

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ostrich(3a AB)

joannemb! With our unseasonably warm weather lately, I have put the 3 pots outside and they are doing great! The nights that were rather cold, I did bring them back into the garage. You know, I don't baby them (I don't baby ANYTHING in my yard LOL) so I just left them out there all day long and they are doing just fine. Hey, if there was too much sun and they could not stand it, then that's it.... I just won't be doing it next year if they are that tender and fussy!!! LOL! So far, they have been doing great.

Anyway, I actually saw some buds coming up last night when I came home! It's so exciting!!! I can't wait to see them bloom....:-)

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Yay! I got buds today too! I was so relieved to see them as I just had it in my head that for some reason they wouldn't bloom. After reading post and post about people failing at overwintering tulips I thought there was no way this would be a success. Post pictures when yours bloom!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Hi Joannemb! My tulips finally bloomed a couple of weeks ago! I took this photo last week, but I didn't get round to posting it until now - sorry! Anyway, I am so glad that even though I didn't follow all the "proper" steps in overwintering the tulip bulbs etc. but they still bloomed so well for me! I hope yours are doing well too.


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They are beautiful!
I was very happy mine did indeed bloom, but not so happy with the type of tulips I selected. They were triumph tulips (called pax) and I wish I had gone with Maureen late white ones instead. These were kind of short, and went from a bud straight to wide open. Didn't have the grace and beauty of the ones in your picture. I chose that particular type because they were supposed to do well in containers. (Probably because they're so short?) Live and learn. What kind of tulips are the ones in your photo?

Next year I think I may try hyacinths. I've been so drawn to the blue ones this Spring and have been wishing I had some in my yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: tulips

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