Needed help identifying a plant!!!...

jimikrackkornAugust 22, 2011

That a family member had... because.I wanted to myself but she didn't remember its name... appreciate any help! The leaves.feel like firm cardboard... thought the plants was fake. Also the stems are sparsely covered in little spikes!/photo.php?fbid=10150289876633726&id=560163725&set=a.10150288952738726.350641.560163725&refid=0amp;ref=home

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you have to use a photo sharing site like in order to post pictures. Your link doesn't work.

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My mistake! Tryin again...

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At first I thought maybe it was a zz plant. looks like some sort of palm. Check out the other forums and see if there is a palm forum. Maybe palmbob will pop in and know what it is.

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Looks like a Cardboard Palm to me.

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