Jade Bonsai Pics

dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)September 12, 2011

Just thought I'd share some pics of my Bonsai Jade Plants


Unfortunately I didn't keep/take growth rate photos of them

Pics 1-27-10 ~ 8-1-10 A B & C & 9-9-11 C are of the same plant / Almost 2 years old now

9-9-11 A & B are in the 3 to 4 year old range

9-9-11 D is around 2 years old

All were started from cuttings & have been in the same pot since they rooted / Pot is 2in. deep

& They all seen to be doing great

LMK what you guys think

Any foreseeable problems with them???

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

They're looking great.
Don't be afraid to trim/pinch back the longer tips to encourage more compact growth.
Jades are some of my favorite subjects, eventhough the leaves don't reduce well.
Have you ever worked with the small-leafed variety, 'Crosby's Compact'?
Not only are the leaves smaller, but they're more colorful, too.


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