Hyacinth Emergency- Please help

jannie(z7 LI NY)April 19, 2011

Many years ago (25-30) I planted hyacinths near my patio. They didn't do well, in fact they kept getting mowed down when the grass was cut, so I gave up. About 5 years ago, I dug up the area, gave it a proper fence and made it my herb garden. The herbs are doing fine. But just this week I noticed a blue hyacinth had popped up. I want to move it immediately to a safer place with other bulb flowers (hyacinths and daffodils). I know I'll be moving it this week, before May 1, here in Long Island Zone 7. Any tips for keeping it alive? It's such an "heroic" little thing, I don't want to lose it. Please post here. Don't send an email-my email account is closed.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

No answer is necessary-I have to dig it up because I'm having the whole area tilled next month, in about 2 weeks. So I'll just take my chances and go against the "conventional wisdom". Didn't somebody say you can't be considered a real gardener untill you've killed everything three times?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Just dig it up, transplant and water. It will be fine.

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That's amazing.

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Just moving it may cause it stress so try to take a large root ball that is part of the planting hole and put it where it can continue to do its thing. If not able to re-plant in the ground, then pot them up and re-plant at the earliest time. They must be allowed to send their starches back down into the bulb so it can re-appear next spring.
Do any digging in the early morning, on a cloudy day or when rain is forecast and water the plant immediately after re-planting. In a pot, water the bulb to drainage, dump the excess and water as you would any other potted plant.

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