rabbit & sunlover chameleon double tulips

buttercupia(zone4 IA)April 5, 2012

I planted 10 double yellow(suppossed to turn red or orange)sunlover chameleon tulips last fall. They are huge and beautiful. Today, I found two of the flowers on the ground next to their plants. Boo hoo. The rabbit must have cut them thinking "Hey, these are big and pretty, maybe they taste good too!" Then he left them lay. (He tried two just to make sure he didn't like them) At least he left about 4" of stem on the flowers so I could bring them in and put in a small vase. (I have a couple of 6-8" tall small vases that make it easy to fill with just a couple of flowers.. and enjoy. Any body else have rabbit-tulip woes? Will this keep happening? Should I put liquid fence on the stems?

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Tulips are a favorite of most any herbivore -- rabbits, deer, groundhogs, voles, etc. I've basically given up even trying in my yard, I just plant tulips to force in pots over the winter. It's just a waste of money for me to plant something that will either 1) be eaten underground during the fall or winter by voles or 2) be eaten by some grazing animal as soon as it pops up in the spring. It's very disheartening to have plants with buds one day, and find just stubs the next.

For color in the yard, I plant things that generally animals leave alone -- daffs/narcissus, alliums, fritilaria, hyacinths.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

Well, I suppose I should feel fortunate that the rabbit only chopped off 2 tulips and left them for me to bring in the house. there are 8 more out there...I've got lots of tulips and nothing has ever bothered them before. Maybe the local passing stray cats take care of the most of the tulip eaters. No deer here in town.

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