Wilthing leaves

cippoliFebruary 4, 2013

I have 20 fig cuttings that I have rooted and have leaves.
However 6 have leaves that have wilthed and appear to be dead.
Can someone offer a reason why this is happening and a
solution so I don't lose more cuttings. They are in 12oz
soda cups in a west window in the kitchen, thanks for any help

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Are you sure you have roots on your cuttings? Quite often cuttings will grow leaves instead of roots, and when the energy in the cutting is gone they simply die. Al

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Yes they all had roots, I had them in plactic bags wraped in paper towels until they formed roots then put them in potting soil in the cups

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Al. I just pulled one cutting out of it's cup and there is
a nice mass of roots. I did notice that the soil was very wet,
could that be the problem( to wet)?
thanks for your reply

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

Did you simply remove the cuttings from the bag and put them in pots next to a window or did you rig up some sort of humidity dome for the pots with the cuttings? It sounds like the cuttings went from high humidty in the bag to low humidity in a heated house by a window without proper acclimation.

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Not sure what part of the world you're in, but here in California, the figs are currently dormant. Could be yours have entered dormancy, and will leaf out again for next grow season- i'm not sure if it is day-length dependent or temp dependent. Please don't pull them all out to investigate ;-)

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I think that nil13 has correctly suggested the problem. When repotting into soil, when a cutting has leafed out, maintaining the same humidity, after the move, is a must. Al

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nil13, Thank you for your response. Yes I did put the cuttings in a clear Rubbermaid container with a cover as soon as I put them in the cups and I did spray a little water on them to keep up the humidity'

I think I found my problem, when I took the dead cuttings out of the cups the soil at the root level was saturated, I made the holes in the cups to small and the cups retained the water killing the roots, so I made the holes in the remaining cups larger and will be transplsnting to plastic pots this weekend that have adequate drain holes. I hope this will solve my problem.and a lesson learned
Al thank you for your imput. Fred

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