A good site for identifying tulips?

freki(5a)April 6, 2012

I scrounged a lovely little tulip out of a hedgerow, but I'm tired of calling it "Hey, you". I'd like to find out what its name is. Does anyone know of a good site for that kind of thing?

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Why not post a picture. Other than that, you can check out any of the bulb dealers, such as Van Engelen or Brent and Becky's. Google Dallas Plant Trials and you will see pictures of a number of cultivars. A lone tulip may be difficult to identify, however, particularly if it is in "rescue" condition.

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Campanula UK Z8

Is it yellow? T.sylvestris (dunno why I am assuming it is some kind of naturalised species here, mind).

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Oh, it's a garden variety.. just not over-tall. My phone camera sucks slug bait, hence no pics.

I think it's Duc Van Tol Primrose


single early, 1921. colour/shading is right, & it has those little points on the petals

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