pre-planting bulbs in pots?

organicamy8April 2, 2009

I'm moving from NC to Huntsville, AL (zone 7) in mid June and would love to have flowers this summer. I'm on a budget and planning on using mostly bulbs and perennials. I'm told that I could plant summer-blooming bulbs (cannas, lilies, glads, etc) as late as mid-June and just get later flowers than usual. But I'm wondering if I can plant some bulbs in pots now and move them to the yard in June to get things going sooner. If so, can I plant the bulbs in the pots closer than I would in the ground just for a couple of months (specifically cannas, since I would plant them pretty far apart in the ground)? Any help is much appreciated!

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Yes, you can pot them up now. No, I wouldn't advise crowding them into pots unless you intend to leave them in pots until they go dormant again. You would really disturb their root systems pulling them apart for transplanting. On the other hand, you could probably get away with planting them in smaller pots if you are going to plant them out soon after your move. (Are you sure you can do that, with un-packing, design and planning, and the need to prepare soil, etc?)

Just a hint. I moved more than 300 pots of plants from my old house into this new yard a few years ago. To avoid going bankrupt on potting soil, I potted my plants into compost until that ran out, and then DRY leaves. I kept them well watered and believe it or not, I lost virtually none. Some stayed in the pots for nearly six months, and by that time had composted down to where the pots were only about half full of "soil". Be sure to mark your pots with what's in them, and use something weather proof! We played "surprise plants" for the first year:)

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