early sprouting bulbs

briand43April 3, 2009

Hey folks, a query for you bulb fans. I have two elephant ear bulbs (one black and one normal green) and a bunch of hardy glad. bulbs. This is the first year of working with bulbs that when I checked on them in March and now in April, they have sprouted like crazy. They are in a cool area without light but both types of bulbs (especially the glads) have sprouts that are already at least 4 inches long and tons of roots. My question is will they be alright? My zone requires me to plant them in May/June at least for the elephant ears. I had a similiar problem with Dahlia's and they didn't grow well that year and the following year they were even worse so I ended up throwing them out. Am I worrying for nothing or should I take steps. I suppose I can plant my elephant ear in a container in the house for now but I have too many Glads to do that.

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They need to be colder and very dry as it looks like they are picking up moisture from some place. To bad you cant pot them up.
Bill 77years gardening.

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You could plant all the glads together in 1 large pot to save space for now. Separate and plant outside later,(June) when the soil warms up, ditto for Elephant E's. If planted too soon, when soil is still too cold, they will rot.

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