&%$#@ weather & tulips

mgmb(z5 Madison WI)April 4, 2007

All my tulips leafed out and now are dark green colored and limp since the Saskatchewan screamer moved through. It is the middle of the day and only 25 degrees. Supposed to be very cold all week. Are these leaves damaged? Will the tulips send out new ones?

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

They should be OK unless temps get below 20. Open flowers can get burned at 25, but the leaves and unopened flower buds will survive much colder.

The leaves will get limp and odd looking, but after thawing and warming back up over about 40 degrees, they will straighten up again. I've seen it often. It might take a couple days after the warm-up but they will recover.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

Same thing happened here. I have hosta's, tulip's, daffodils, etc all leafed out and laying on the ground. I'm hoping for the best! My azelias and magnolia tree just bloom, and the blooms are all falling off.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Azaleas and Magnolias will pretty much be toast. Most bulbs I think will fare OK, but hyacinths and tulips already in full bloom might get nipped.

Tonight and tomorrow night are the worst of it, if they survive that they should be OK.

Today in mid-afternoon, I saw the tulips and daffs thaw out and while they were a bit raggled and limp, they appeared alive. I've seen that before - they will wilt a bit but straighten back up when teh weather warms. Although 5 days in a row of that might be a problem.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

The Glory of the Snow are the only bulbs I have open that haven't fallen face-down onto the ground. I had well over a hundred daffodils and probably about half as many tulips open (and hyacinths opening) when the cold snap hit.

My daffs looked ok yesterday, but this morning (after 3 very cold nights) the flowers are looking transparent and beyond return (at least the ones that were open).


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Yesterday, I mulched mine fairly deeply.

Just prior to our predicted hard freeze for tonight and Saturday night, I plan to cover my Tulips and newly emerged hostas with plastic and to cover the plastic with light blankets.

For 2-3 foot tall azalea and other leafed out shrubs (nandina, lilacs quinces, along with roses and other shrubs: I cover them with draw-tie lawn trash bags. All the plastic is removed during the day after temps rise above the freeze temps.

Young, budding or leafed out trees get their canopies covered with the above mentioned trash bags and their trunks get protected with bubble wrap.

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emilyg(z5 Chicago)

This is such a bummer to have a freeze when things are already leafing out.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Most of my bulb plants are leaning and limp, but appear alive so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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mike48858(z5 MI)

All that I am reading in this post has given me reason to hope my tulips may be okay. I thought they were done-for. Their leaves are not just frosted, but frozen solid. They have not started to flower yet.


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linnea56(z5 IL)

Gosh, I was wondering why all my tulips and daffodils were laying on the ground! I thought the wind we had did it, though I didn't think it was that bad. I didn't know cold could do that. Nothing is frozen, just laying down.

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Reading everyone's message is giving me a slight chance of hope. See my 4 yr daughter and I planted tulips bulbs for the first time in fall and of course they started coming up during the nice warm up. But now I really just don't know. We are just getting slammed with snow, and even though it's been snowing for about 12 hours, I can still see the tips of the tulips, but it's suppose to snow through thursday. Just fricken wonderful. I didn't have any blooms yet, just leaves, so please, can someone tell me, have they ever seen tulips bounce back after 6 inches of snow? My daughter is going to be crushed if she doesn't get to see them. She checks them every day. Bless her little heart.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

The cold won't hurt them unless it gets in the teens for a while - and the snow will HELP protect them - but I'd be concerned about the weight of the snow.

We had 2 inches but several nights in the 20s and they looked OK today with rain and highs in the upper 40s - they pretty much look as if nothing happened.

The flowering trees, OTOH, didn't fare so well...

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All of my plants froze solid during the cold snap. It was sad to see. But when the temperatures rose to above freezing, they thawed out and seem to be fine. I have tulips, daffs, irises, and garlic coming up.

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We had 3 nites here in the low 20's last week, tulips, daffs and hyacinths all blooming so nicely. the tulips survived nicely, the others have dried up, and we are expecting another cold snap and snow the next 3 days. How much can it all take? My Jap maples are toast, hydrangea, which I had covered is black, Annabelle is fine. Primroses are in good shape. I covered all bulb lilies and they are fine. Now I have to go out and do it all over again. I say fooey on early warmups!!

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

All of my bulbs are standing up straight again. The trees and hosat look horrible, but they will survive. The bad news is more freezing temps are expected this weekend. I feel bad for the plants!

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I here you about flowering trees. My magnolia just started to open it's flowers when the cold snap came. I Was able to cover it (still small) before cold hit, so I'm hoping that the blossoms that didn't open will have some sort of chance. Snow stopped, suns out, expecting few days of rain (yeah), hoping for the best with my tulips? What the weathers hold next, is a mystery???

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