ALLIUMs- Black tips?

greyandamyApril 16, 2011

I haven't been to my friends house recently, but when I was last there, she had numerous ALLIUM bulbs I had given her sprouting. But they were blackened at top. She said she thought they sprouted, then were hit by extreme cold, and she thought they were then regrowing again... I worried more about rot (When I see black tips, I think rot), though I know the soil was well drained (I had planted them)... We've had so so so much rain though.

Has anyone else experienced this with their alliums this year? She had 3 types- Globemaster, a smaller purple (names not in my mind) and the short white ones (Again memory blank)...


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Black leaf tips usually suggest overwatering. Where water is around the roots for long periods, the roots stop taking up moisture to the leaves--even if they're standing in it. The first sign of the problem is the leaves, usually the bottom ones first. Maybe digging down around the roots might tell whether the soil there is sopping with water and remedy it.
I cant see sun's power being responsible at this early time of season, its not hot enough.

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