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zurazaraSeptember 14, 2013

Hello everyone,

I know I'm writing a book, but I want to make sure I give as much information as possible.
So I am very new to bonsai in general.
So here is the story. I bought my first tree back in March 2013 and I absolutely loved it! (It is a ficus)

Not long after a few family members decided they thought it was very neat and they were going to get bonsai too.

Long story short I am finding myself the new owner of 7 bonsai trees!
I have 5 ficus trees and two fukien tea.
My most recent acquisition, from my grandmother, is not turning around like the others.
I have had remarkable luck getting all of the trees to bounce back.

This poor guy lost most of his leaves, had a major bug issue and seemed severely under watered.
I have given it two weeks and his remaining leaves have not fallen and seem "perkier".
But he has no new growth and the soil seems to be staying damp longer than my other trees.
His outer branches are still pretty pliable.

I just wasn't sure if this is going to be a longer wait or if there is something else I can do for him.

Extra information-
I keep him in the same location as my other Fukien tea tree and that one is doing fine.
They are both indoors.

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Is the soil different (more dense) for your GM plant than the others. Stick a chopstick in the soil and if it comes out wet don't water. What type of ficus is this one? Do you have drain holes in the pots? Was this plant newly re-potted? Does the soil drain well. Some Ficus lose their leaves if the growing conditions are not consistent. You might try giving it more light (grow light). Read up on the Ficus. A good book is "Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai" by Jerry Meislik. Aloha

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