Spruce Bonsai Bulb Repair??

lancekrebs18September 10, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I bought this spruce tree from a nursery and I am trying to make it into a bonsai. This is my first attempt at it.

My question is can I remove the two bulbs on the trunk safely?

If I leave them alone and just cut them right close to the trunk will the trunk eventually grow into the bulb and make it look natural?

I was also thinking about contorting the trunk drastically in an attempt to hide these ugly bulbs. Any advise would be appreciated I am wanting to wire up the branches shortly here.


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I think the only way to get rig of them is to cut below them I don't think they look bad is natural just go with it

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Really.... I have done a lot of research and I thought the bulbs on the trunks of spruce were not aesthetically pleasing. I may end up just leaving them but I might try to do some drastic bends at the bulbs in an attempt to hide them... Any suggestions on this tree would be appreciated.

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