Ginormous pot

docmoo(6)February 20, 2013

Please HELP! A well-meaning sister has 'blessed' me, with what is for me, a huge container -27" tall by 22" across. It's so heavy I can barely move it while it's empty.
Using Tapla's container mix could financially break me... In my zone, I will have to empty this thing every winter to keep it from cracking. Is it all possible to "fill" the bottom of this behemoth with 1)one extremely large plastic pot -or- 2) the dreaded peanuts -or- 3) maybe several plastic milk jugs? Al, I think I have come to understand all you have tried to teach regarding "the flow", but I am feeling very much overwhelmed. Thank you, maggie.

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Maggie -

That is a nice gift, even if it requires Herculean strength to move.
What you intend to plant in it would determine the answer, though.

A tree or a rosebush -- I'd recommend using the whole pot. But if you plan to do a container "garden" type with more shallow-rooted plants mixed up with varied depth and height -- then absolutely, I'd think you could fill up the bottom half with whatever you want, provided that it is nontoxic to the plants and allows for easy drainage through the bottom.

I've attached an example to the post.

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Thank you Sugi, beautiful picture ...I found same on pinterest ! Right now I'm leaning toward a canna upright, coleus fillers and possibly petunia trailers ...all moisture loving pigs, lol ;-D tho, open to suggestions and appreciate the pictures

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That's only 6 cu ft....2 bags of pine bark fines plus amendments

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Thanks, I appreciate all the personal emails and pictures; and yes abnorm can figure lol .... : D

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