Edymnion(7a)September 27, 2011

Pretty sure that wire is wire, long as we're talking single strand of the same gauge and material. Is there any real reason to pay the premium on bonsai wiring as opposed to just hitting the local hardware store and getting a spool of single thread copper?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Copper is much more expensive than anodized aluminum wire, and much more difficult for a beginner to master (the application of). Additionally, copper wire in spools from the hdwe store will be at least partially work hardened because it is usually drawn to its final diameter AFTER annealing. 'Work hardening' relates to the crystalline structure of the metal, which is altered by working (bending) it, after which it becomes extremely difficult to bend.

As a beginner, you'll experience a lot less frustration if you stick with the aluminum wire specifically designed for bonsai applications, as the atomic arrangement of aluminum is such that the effects of work-hardening are minimal.

In short - aluminum wire, though it doesn't hold as well as copper, is much less expensive and much easier to work with.


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Will do, but I'll be hitting hardware or craft stores for generic 12 gauge aluminum wire. Its half the price or less.

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