If I plant bulbs now - will they flower this year? Glads too?

juliamay67April 6, 2010

I keep seeing bags of bulbs at Costco. Can I plant bulbs in Western WA and have flowers this year or is this an investment for the future.

I have a few glads and things that come up and then fall right over. What do gladiola lovers do?

Thanks for any advice. I know I sound like a complete noob.

Julia in Woodinville WA.

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Maryl zone 7a

LOL-you are not a noob (whatever that is), maybe just a newbie and we were all that at one time. As for Glads, you need to get them in the ground now as I'm sure your ground has warmed up enough to grow roots. If you buy from a real Glad vendor(as opposed to a mass market place such as the mart stores) you will note that they will almost always give you the number of days from planting until flowering. This is important to people like me for instance because I want Glads that flower as quickly as possible before our heat sets in. You probably don't have to worry about that as much in your area, so it's not as important. A "quick" blooming glad for instance would be 70-75 days, a late blooming glad would be around 90 days. And yes, some of them will probably perenialize if their location suites them and no bulb eating critters come along to munch on them. And btw, I'm not disparaging mart bulbs. They can be quite cost effective and usually perform well. I ordered some from a bulb vendor last year mainly because I wanted fresh American grown bulbs (as opposed to dutch imports) and I wanted to know the names of what I planted so I could buy more (or not) after I saw how they performed. I've included the link below just as an FYI.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Gladiolus vendor

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