Sunflowers in 5 gallon buckets

bomber095(z5b MA)February 11, 2013

I know this topic has been discussed several times, but I want to revisit it. Last year, I bought some Kong sunflower seeds from Burpee, but never got around to building the bed for them I wanted to. Doesnt look good for me doing it this year either. However, I have a ton of 5 gallon buckets that I grow my tomatoes and eggplants in, so I figured, "what the hell? I wonder if a sunflower will work as well"

These get to be up to 14' tall. Last year, I gave some of the seeds to me friend, and his got to be 11', but he planted them right in the ground

What's everyone's experience w. large sunflowers in vessels?

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The problem as I see it, will be to keep the buckets upright with a 14 foot plant rising from it. Do you have something tall enough to provide support? Al

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bomber095(z5b MA)

That's my fear also.... they'd be way too top heavy. Looks like I'm gonna have to find time to build the bed

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