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alina_1April 22, 2010

I was looking for a source for 'Tiny Padhye' lily. One of my favorite sellers Chris from Hallson's garden sold them out. By googling that cultivar's name, I discovered a new online seller. They have relatively low prices. The site has a little confusing navigation IMO, but their selection is amazing - new bi-color hybrids and double Orientals just blew me away.

Check this out:

Bi-color Asiatics

Double Orientals

They also have some nice Orienpets and LO.

Since I did not find any information about when they ship the bulbs and whether the bulbs are pre-cooled, I sent them an email.

I got a prompt response. It turned out that this site is operated by a famous Holland grower (Zabo Plants). I had their Holland site bookmarked long time ago as an excellent reference site with lots of pictures.

Although I thought I did not need more Lilies, I just placed my order. :) Could not resist...

I am NOT affiliated with any seller. I just think that this info might be interesting for Lily addicts like me :o)

I just received an email that my order has been shipped. If anyone is interested, I can report about the quality of the bulbs after I receive them.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thanks for the site. The Orientals are 10.00. If that is for one bulb it seems high. Are their prices per bulb?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Thanks alina,

Yes, would love to hear about the quality of the bulbs as I have recently developed a fondness for the wonderfully fragrant Orientals.

The Orientals are 10.00. If that is for one bulb it seems high. Are their prices per bulb?
With the exception of the first one listed (Fenice), it looks like all the others are for 3 bulbs. The quantity is not specified at all on Fenice.


Here is a link that might be useful: Orientals

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I got my order yesterday!
Overall, I am very pleased. All bulbs are profecionally packed in foil perforated bags with pictures of lilies. The bags are filled with wet peat moss, so they can be kept in these bags for some time in a cool place. The bulbs are plump and fresh. They have fleshy, not dry roots. I was buying Lilies from all major American online lily sellers. Sometimes, even lilies from very reputable sellers had some rot. These do not.

The size of most of the bulbs is as advertised:

Sizes of our bulbs
We guarantee you the following size of your bulbs;
Asiatic and LA varieties 14-16
Oriental and OT varieties 18-20
The only exception we make is in case the Lily Shop crew wants to offer you a certain variety because is new and unique but the standard size is not available yet on the market. Only in this case we can make the decision to deviate from our standard. Off course also this different size meets all the other requirements of The Lily Shop.

The most expensive double Oriental "roselily" Emma are on a smaller side, definitely less than 18 cm. I guess that is because they are so new. I took several scales off before planting them to get some bulblets... The dwarf 'After Midnight' are huge! Definitely more than 18 cm.

As for quantity, Sue is right. It seems that all of them are offered in quantities of 3. At least, 'Tiny Sensation' and 'Roselily Emma' were 3 bulbs per bag (no quantity mentioned on the web site). They said that I was their first online customer and added bonus bulbs because of this. Orienpet 'Eudoxia' (bonus) was just one bulb in its bag, so it might make sense to ask.
I will send a 'Thank you' note to them today. They replied to my questions in a very polite and helpful way. I will suggest that they should update their web site so it is clear what quantity is offered for this price.

Also, when you check out, they add a small fee for using PayPal ($0.95). I did not find any info about shipping cost, but in my invoice there is a line
19% VAT $
which seems to represent shipping and handling. I have no idea what does VAT stand for.

Personally, I do not like hidden charges. In this case, the total was very reasonable, so I am OK with this.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thank you. I looked and didn't see the 3 bulb quantity. Here I come!! Love Orientals! Of course need a few more Asiatics.

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Guys, if you never had Orienpets, try them! The fragrance is more delicate than Orientals have, not that overwhelming. The flowers are huge, the stalks are so strong! I have all Lily types, but Orienpets are my favorite now.
I hope I will manage to save them from deer this year...

I made an error in my previous post: I meant Oriental 'After Eight', not 'After Midnight' which is an Echinacea actually :)

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