Tulips: order of bloom time?

linaria_gwApril 17, 2012

Hi there,

I planted about 200 Tulips last fall, mainly T fosterianas and some Darwin hybrids. I planted those in early December, and we got the first frost around Xmas.

Now they are flowering, the fosterianas somewhat earlier, Seetheart is almost spent. The Darwins are in full bloom now, one cultivar opening.

Now I wonder about next season. Can I assume that the fosterianas should flower much earlier than the Darwins? I read somewhere that late planting makes Tulips flower later than usual. I was just surprised that those two groups would flower at the same time.

And I had planned for two sets of Tulips flowering.

Well, just curious, thanks for your experiences, bye, Lin

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I think it's likely you will see the same schedule next year. I believe Darwins descend from fosterianas, so the bloom is only a bit earlier and they will overlap.... You will only get distinct bloom seasons if it's a long drawn out spring. Then the fosterinias will be noticeably earlier. If its a sudden hot spring everything will come into bloom at similar times.

Much later flowering tulips such as parrots, mayflowering and late doubles will do more if you want to extend the season.

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Thanks kato
hmm, funny, so I didn't look them up properly. Well, on the other hand, it`s quite a show with them flowering all at once, so not a too bad mistake.

Thanks, I will read up on those tulip groups again,

bye, Lin

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Campanula UK Z8

feh - they ALL bloomed at the same time, this year (although the weather has been at a peak of all-time weirdness). Having all come early and simultaneously, the temperature dropped and rains have kept the blooms looking fantastic for considerably longer than usual. As a rule, the lily flowered types tend to be later blooming than Darwins or Triumph but latest of all is the fabulous T.sprengeri right at the end of May while the Kaufmannia types are reliably early off the mark in March.

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