nematodes affecting tulip bulb roots??

posskat(z4-5canada)April 15, 2012

am having problems w/bulbs and perennials planted in a new planter. i get a few leaves about 4" tall from the tulips, and only a tiny flower bud at soil level. i dug up the bulb and the roots are only an inch or so long, and square on the very tips. someone said my soil has nematodes that eat the roots, thus stunting/killing the plants. this happened to all the bulbs/perennials planted in this bed. the annuals and dahlias i planted last summer thrived and were gorgeous, but everything i planted in the fall for spring blooming is purt near toast. i can't find any info on nematodes. does anyone have any ideas? they are not freezing, they are not planted too deep; the roots are being eaten or something, as they are very short, and none of the perennieals have even made a showing; i think something demolished their root system, too; can't even find them. i find this so odd since the annuals did so well.thanks

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Never heard of a nematodes that eats only bulb & perennials, but not annuals, unless they came after the annuals.
To cut the root off where you can see with the naked eye, may not be nematodes. This is because you can not see the eel like worms with reading glasses or the naked eye.
Maybe Japanese Beetle grubs, that eat roots, not Green fruit beetle grubs ,which are bigger & eat compost.
Google these bugs/worms to see them for yourself.
It may be something I have not seen or heard of.

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someone suggested a type of cutworm too; that would make more sense than nematodes; i just can't figure it out, but it must be something in the soil that must mature and fly away before i plant the annuals....but i can't figure out why it doesn't affect my other gardens......strange......

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