Lavender Mountain Lilies - How to plant, etc.

summerstar(Z7VA)April 23, 2006

I received a great coupon from Brecks catalog and decided to try Lavender Mountain Lilies. I read one description and it sounds like a very nice plant. The description said that they look especially pretty when massed so I'm considering putting in 10 bulbs per hole. What do you think?

Do they spread like daffodils do? If so, maybe I could plant fewer bulbs per hole. Do the bulbs last a long time? I just figure any plant this inexpensive has got to have something wrong with it!! What about voles/moles? I could protect them with some vole/mole product. Oh well . . .

I'd sure welcome any info as I don't know much about this bulb. Thanks.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

That's the trouble with Breck's....they make up thier own name for an ordinary plant that others know by a different name.
In order to find out what you had bought I went to the Breck site and found the botanical name and then back tracked.
Because they are of the amalyllis family I would guess they will increase....but how rapidly I don't know.
Plant one bulb per hole, make more holes.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: lxiolirion

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I have just recieved lavender mountain lilies from breck's I also order bulbs from springhill nusery and they are also called lavender mountain lilies. I do believe they will spread like the daffodil.

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