Powder Puff Bonsai Suddenly Sick?

kimdcallawaySeptember 12, 2011

Hi all,

We have a beautiful little powder puff bonsai that has been doing great for about 9 months, since we got it. It sits in a sunny window and has been growing big beautiful leaves and a few blooms. Suddenly, last week, the leaves started to get crunchy and dropping off. We haven't changed anything, but maybe missed a day of watering. I watered it right away (usually do it in the evening and let the water soak through the hole for a minute or two and let it drain). It still hasn't recovered and it has been over a week - the leaves are dry and crunchy, even despite moist soil, and it just looks sickly. There are no bugs or anything. After this happened, I watered with a very diluted mixture of nitrogen fertilizer, which I hadn't done in awhile. I'm basically clueless with plants, but this was a gift, and we were so proud that we had kept it alive and thriving for so long! I'd appreciate any advice or input - I've googled endlessly and can't find anything!

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'powder puff' is a common name of at least 3 species of small flowering bushes/shrubs. One is actually hardy to USDA zone 10, the problem is that while two may be northern hardy the others almost require the specialized environment of a greenhouse to survive.

I'm going to take a guess, based on your description of the drying leaves, that that yours was of the northern hardy variety. Since it needed an outdoor environment it is probably dead. Misting and watering won't help it. You can check by scratching away some of the bark and see if there is any green showing.

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