Raspberries/Blackberries in containers?

yiplaFebruary 7, 2008

I'm looking to attempt growing raspberries and blackberries in 5 gallon buckets. Anyone ever try this or something similar? If so, what were your experiences?

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I just grow them in the ground as they spread out, but recall seeing some threads in the past in this forum from people doing it. Not sure if the search function is working properly yet though.

Anyway, as I recall it worked well enough, but you can't expect a large yield as the 12" a 5 gallon bucket allows you isn't very much compared to having an in ground patch where the plants are allowed to spread.

Several years ago I planted 5 raspberry plants in an 18" x 12' area and within 1 year they filled the entire area. In the second year they began sending up shoots 10+' away and I have to thin them each year or they overcrowd each other for light.

Still, if you don't have ground to grow them in a container is a good bet. Nice to have some fresh, home grown fruits.

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Hmm, thanks for the information! I will try and just see what happens I guess. I tried the search, but didn't find much first hand info.

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I too am looking for info on this. Right now I have 5 Raspberries, 2 Blueberries, 1 Boys and 2 Blackberries in 5 gallon buckets. They have been in there for about 2 weeks and the Raspberries are leafing and buds on several others. I looked back on prior postings and didn't see much spacifics on what I'm looking for either. Hopefully someone who has done this will post soon. :)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I've been growing everbearing raspberries in 5 gallon buckets for a few years now with good success.
I get enough berries to eat and make my jam, not the heavy crops I've gotten from my ground grown berries, but close.
I just give them bone meal & compost & osmacote in April, give them part shade so the roots won't bake & water when dry.
I had to repot after the 3rd year as the plants were getting too thick in the buckets, but those raspberries didn't miss a beat
& I expect a good crop again this year. marea

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Hey, that's great information. Thanks a lot!

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thank you for this info!! i planted blueberries in 20" containers this year and I am trying a grapevine ( though I will have to plant that in ground in a few years,I'm told) have been checking into raspberries. As a renter, i don't want to leave expensive plants behind if i move. I was told raspberries couldn't be done in containers, I'm so glad i was stubborn and kept looking!

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

Good info, I've searched a few times but haven't posted since I don't have them yet. I'd like a few ras,blu, and blackberries in containers so I can take them w/ me and plant in ground when I buy a house.

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I'm growing 2 Wineberry Raspberry plants & one Triple Crown Blackberry plant in containers this year. I don't see any problem with a 5 gallon+ container for growing them in. =)

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mettzfamilygarden(6 sw idaho)

everything i read said to plant them in 20+ inch deep container. im doing arapahoe blackberry, but this first year so dont have any other info.

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Let me know what all you find out (post in this thread), as I want to do mine right too. :)

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This is what i was told to do with blueberries, use regular soil in a container with good drainage,at least 20" across. add some kind of acid supply to soil. plant so they are crowned above soil a bit. use osmacote or miracle gro for feeding.water every few days, container plants dry out faster, and store for winter in an unheated garage. make sure you get at least 2 plants of differing vareities so they pollinate to get more fruit.

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Cool...I did good then. :) Mine are in a 10 gallon plastic lined wicker basket (few small holes in bottom) filled with 3 parts MG Potting mix & 1 part Canadian Peat. I just probably need to add the acid supply...dunno what would work for that, but i'm sure I can find something.

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Agway and most any garden store sell acidifier , its little pellets you mix with soil

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MAREAS, Do you prune or cut back the raspberries in the fall?

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