potting soil mess

pabrocb(Sarasota/Cape Cod)February 16, 2011

I put pots of annuals out on the pool pavers for the winter and it became a big mess. I used regular bagged potting soil and it floated up and out and down and out. Now we have weed fields where the soil settled. I've removed the pots and transplanted the plants in the yard, and I'm cleaning up the mess.

It looked nice while it lasted. It gave the patio area color and interest and I could bring the smaller pots indoors when the nights became too cold.

There must be simple solutions to this problem. I remember someone saying they used coffee filters on the bottom of the pot. Window screen? Mulch on top or rocks to hold the soil in?

Carol B.

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Didn't your pots have drain holes?

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pabrocb(Sarasota/Cape Cod)

Jane NY, yes. I used normal clay pots with drain holes and clay plates underneath. But the dirt still came out the bottom and overflowed the top and collected on the patio. That gave the weeds something to grow in.

Maybe I have to use more care when watering.

I just thought there was something simple to do.

The very large pots I used for elephant ears did not flood or come out the bottom.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Fiberglass window screen is very inexpensive & works very well to keep soil from washing out of the drain holes. Plastic canvas (used for needlepoint projects - hobby stores) works great, too:


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