crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)April 21, 2009

My neighbor died and I'm trying to rescue as much of her garden as I can. No one is watering it, the relatives are from out of state and the last I heard they were going to rent it's not looking good for her plants. I have permission to dig, and take cuttings so I'm grabbing what I can and trying to find places in my yard to transplant or putting it on my trade list before things die. Anyway, I dug these. I'm only about 80% sure they're crinums. I thought the experts at this forum could confirm or deny that before I trade them to some poor unsuspecting soul, lol. Thanks,


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I'm no expert, but I grow a lot of crinums, and these sure look like 'em as far as I'm concerned.

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