tulip leaves droop

chrispy33(7)April 15, 2010

Hi, it seems every year my tulips come up when they should and flower nicely. However, the leaves are always rather limp and lay on the ground. They do flower nicely but still look unkempt. Tulips I see elsewhere don't seem to have that problem. I fertilize after flowering. They get sun this time of year until the trees overhead sprout leaves. I try to leave the greens on the ground until they yellow before removing. Any ideas on what's causing this?

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Plants in general get floppy if they are too dry, so lack of water is a possibility. Or it could be the type of tulips you have is floppier that those you are seeing elsewhere? I've notices that my Apricot Impressions, for example, have leaves twice as wide as most other tulips and do sprawl a bit. Also some of my tulips have ruffled/wavy leaves while others are straight. And the species tulips tend to lay in a star shape on the ground, they don't really have much in the way of stems.

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