Money Tree Leaves turning yellow and falling off!

counselor4444(6A NJ)September 16, 2007

I've had my 18 inch money tree for about 2 years. Up until now its been healthy sitting in my window at work. I bought a plant stand at home and decided to take the money tree home to put on it. It has been home now i'd say a few weeks.

Since I brought it home its been sitting on a plant stand not in direct sunlight... about a foot away from a window... so indirect sunlight only. I water it about once a week (as I did when it was at work)

i noticed last week that a bunch of leaves were yellow and some were falling off. what is going on here?

i looked and didn't see any bugs on it. some of the leaves did have a slightly sticky sap on the undersides. and two leaves each had 1 pin head sized sticky dot that was white on the top of the leaf. (not sure what this is) like a teeny white sticky ball on top.



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If the amount of light and water its getting is different from what it got in your office, then that's the problem. When I say the 'amount of water' I'm not necessarily referring to cups, but possibly natural humidity, and frequency of watering - if it's getting less light, it'll need less frequent watering, especially as it's later in the growing season too - yellow leaves usually mean too much water (and if your potting soil is 'normal' then it's mostly peat, rather than fast draining grit, and so is holding onto water for ages below the surface, so repotting might be considered). It may acclimatize to less light, but not if you haven't adjusted its watering issues to match. And consider humidity as well, a tray of water, with stones in it under the pot keeping it from touching the water (and rotting roots) will be more effective than a spray or two daily.

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It could be a scale problem.Look for slightly raised bumps on the undersides of leaves and stems, they don't move. the crawlers (before you see scale bumps) do move but are very hard to see.
If you do see them, you can try a horticultural oil or, some alcohol and water mixed in a spray bottle.
Mix 1 part alcohol with 8 to 10 parts water spraying every week for a few weeks. Adding a little liquid soap to the alcohol and water should help it spread out better.
Make sure you get every inch of leaves and stems wet, you want complete coverage.

Billy Rae

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

If the plant isn't better by now, I'd look for a new plant.


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