Calladiums planting...!

midnighttulip(Zone 9)April 3, 2009

Hi i was wondering how long it takes a calladium to sprout? i planted some 2-3 weeks ago and still nothing and i planted some more just yesterday. i read some thing online today that the best time to plant them in callifornia is April 13th ish, if i planted them like 4 weeks earlier will it harm them? i know they love the warm weather, it has been getting warm now, and when i planted them that week was very warm! about 80 ish! today and this whole week ha been in 60s. by the way i also planted some Calla Lilly bulbs yesterday too! some had little wormlike sprouts comming out of it already i guess they were starting to take root if those where roots, i am not sure if they were but the thing is i planted that part faced down, will it gorw...? did i plant them right...?


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Just to let you know,if its to cool they will rot.
77 years a gardener.

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midnighttulip(Zone 9)

can i diggem up?

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