Whens to late to Chop - Maple

ryan.bSeptember 4, 2007

I have recently Bought a nursery stock Trident maple & it is the start of out spring. The tree has no branches for the first 2 feet, it is about 8 ft tall with a base trunk thickness of about 2inches. I was going to do a truck chop about 7 inches above the soil line, we had an early start to spring & leaves have started to sprout, is it to late to chop or do I still have plenty of time for it to generate new leaders. Is it also possible to cut of the other branches & plant them to start making a Maple forest? what would be the best way to do that?

Any help would be appreciated...

Thank you..I will post some photo's when i get it going...


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Maple are notoriously difficult to root from cuttings. I would try an airlayer instead on any branches you want to save. That would, however, put you back time line wise for a trunk chop. It's not too late where you are to do a trunk chop, so if you don't intend to airlayer any of the branches, go for it :)

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Thanks for the reply, I think i will take your advise & not worry about the clippings & go with the Trunk Chop. Do you think I would be better to wait a month or so, so the new leaves have hardened off a bit as they are still in the middle of pushing out the new buds at the top of the tree. All its energy would have been used to do this, is it better to wait for it to replenish the food storage in the roots after the initial budding. I know the growth won't be as vigorous, but will i also get smaller internodes if I do this? we tend to have a very long spring summer so would this be advantageous if I Chop a bit later, say 1.5 months into the spring season. Its my first chop & i don't want to kill my newly purchased Trident Maple..

Thank You...

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