Hollyhocks in containers?

Arrietti(6)February 27, 2013

I think hollyhocks are beautiful and remind me of southern France.
I want to grow some hollyhocks from seed this year and I'm thinking about where to put them in my garden. I do have full sun available for them, but was also wondering whether they'd work in containers?
Does anyone have experience with that? I know they grow rather tall so I'm thinking they might look funny or have too little soil depth in a pot?
Any thoughts appreciated :).

Big garden, little experience

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I think if the pot was big enough with good drainage they would do fine and you can always get a nice piece of bamboo to use as a stake. I grow huge canna's in pots and I've never had a problem other than they will need extra water, pots tend to dry out so much quicker than the ground.

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hey there

i grew some hollyhocks in a very large cast iron pot this past year. they got morning and early noon sun and afternoon shade.

they did great until the dog knocked the pot off my porch and destroyed them.

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Thanks guys.

I think I will try to grow some in pots and some just in the ground, and see how they'll turn out.

The reason I wanted to try some in pots is that our driveway is right up against the left side of our house so there's no space to grow anything on that side. It's rather stark looking. Yet it's one of the sunniest spots so hopefully hollyhocks will thrive there and add some color!

(Now just have to think of a way to make the pots sit level on our sloped driveway..)

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