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rbiggApril 1, 2010

I live on the corner. A backyard fence is approx 20' inboard of curb, and runs alongside the street maybe 40'.

In the past, we've had a bunch of bulbs planted there, which give it a nice appearance in the spring.

Now, we have a tremendous mess of vines of various kinds covering the whole fence. I'm now trying to get rid of them. Which is fine, except down in the flower bad on outside of fence, there is a whole mess of tangled vine roots, etc.

Haven't kep up with poisons for a period of years. I'm hoping there is something that will kill the vines, but let the bulbs keep blooming. Is there??????

All I can do next is kill the whole flowerbed, take everything up, and replant again in a year or so.

Any other ideas for our outlandish mistake of letting vines take over what we want?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

If your bulbs are completely dormant with no foliage, there are herbicides which work through the leaves that would kill the vines without affecting the bulbs. You will need to identify the vines to find on the label of the herbicide to be sure it is registered for use on your vines. Al

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