mowed down daffodils

onemoreplant(7)April 11, 2009

Last year the yard guy mowed down the daffodils before the follage turned brown. And, of course, they didn't produce stems this year. Is there a way to get them to bloom again?

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If you did not even get a few foliage strands, it sounds hopeless. But, surprises can happen. There may be some re-generation but it will take time.

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I did get foliage, just no flower stems. I have heard that once the foliage is cut down before it dies, the daffodils will never bloom again because the blooms are part of the reproductive cycle.

Has anyone had a similar experience where the blooms came back. Would digging them up, letting them rest for a season then replanting them help? Any other ideas? Otherwise, I am just going to dig them up and throw them away.

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daffodilgirl(6 EastTN)

Don't throw them away. I would let them die back naturally this year and they should bloom next year. If still no blooms next year dig them up and replant them. Or of course you can dig them up and mail them to me and I will see if I can get them to bloom LOL. I would make sure not to overcrowd them if you replant them. A lot of the time if they are overcrowded they will not bloom.

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Ok, mis-understood, if they are still putting up foliage, then yes, they will re-generate, as long as each year coming the foliage is allowed to brown and wither. That will build strength back. Basically just leave them alone. It may take more than 1 year for blooms again. Feeding just as the foliage starts to emerge next spring will help.

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I mow my daffodill foilage down June 1st whether it needs it or not. After 60 days, the foilage has used enough sunlight to make the sugar necessary for next years bloom, which is then stored within each bulb. Mow the foilage down before the plant has stored next years bloom in the bulb, and you will not get any blooms in the coming year. At any rate to "one more plant guy", just let them die down naturally next year, and they should bloom the following year. Clear as mud?

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How long does anyone else let their daffodill folilage stay up until they cut it down or weed it? Just curious. I have experimented, and after 60 days, I whack mine down. But I always have beautiful blooms the following year. I have a sneaking suspicion that we do not have to wait 60 days or more, but I don't know that for sure. Sixty days always puts blooms on my plants each year. How about the rest of you?

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Actually I think they will come back. I bought my house in the winter let my brother and his wife(who doesn't seem to like flowers) stay in it. I didn't move in until after labor day when they should have been blooming but she mowed them all down before I got there. I didn't even know we had any flowers until the next spring some flowered but not a lot. That fall I dug them all up and divided them and all the ones bloomed the following spring.

I even had some tulips I never knew about too. The same thing they were mowed down but instead of them coming up the following spring we had wood covering the area. Last spring a couple came up but didn't flower. This spring they came up but only one flowered(it doesn't help we put a new flower bed right over them)

I would really just wait.

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