Help with my Bonsai please

Zell75October 9, 2013

Hey guys! I am new to the wonderful world of Bonsai, and I bought my first one which is a pretty Juniper.

It is small, but I wanted to ask when should I wire it up?

And with that, how do you pick what is the best way to shape it?

Mine is a long skinny trunk that has three man branches and two smaller ones. One is extremely longer then the other. I like the semi cascade style as well as the full cascade. How is it that you know what is the best look to go with when it comes to wiring it for the first time? And when do you know at what stage is best for your tree?

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My $0.02 is that make sure it is healthy and growing well before doing anything to it. I have a nice cascade juniper and I keep in it a 5" deep cut down black plastic container. I would not do any wiring until you have studied the rules that govern the style you prefer for this tree. If the juniper is growing upright, you can rotate/slant it in the pot to create the cascade style. Be careful with the roots and disturb it as little as possible. How tall is small? What is the diameter of the trunk? Let see a picture if possible to help with more suggestions. Aloha

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