Tulipa Batalinii Planting now?

midnighttulip(Zone 9)April 6, 2009

Is it to late to plant tulipa batalinii in april? i just got some today and was wondering if i can plant them? i read online that they do great in cold weather and love the hot sun, but it didnt say if it is ok to plant them in spring.... so is it safe? should i do it? does anyone have any tulipa batalinii? how do they do?

by the way im from California!


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In the north we plant tulips in the fall...they go through a winter that provides them with roots---they must have roots to survive winter....but in southern climes they are -pre-cooled by the seller or dealer and you have to provide the needed extra cooling period to make them come to flower.
If this is different with the variety you mention I'm not familiar with----so why not ask your neighbour---
there is a California forum here in Gardenweb that you can ask this question and get answers from people living near you.

If the cooling period needs to be finished by you, its usually done with your refrigerator....but ask your friends in California.

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Are you sure you want to plant these? Batalini and Sylvestrus tulips multiply like flies here and become real pests. They can be as hard to get rid of as Stars of Bethlehem.

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