Had to dig up daffodils, now what?

lorig62April 13, 2010

In order to prep a bed for roses I had to dig up a number of daffodil bulbs. They have finished blooming but have not had time to die back. Can I store them and replant in the fall, or should I consider them a lost cause and start fresh in October?

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You can just plant them right now, That is your best option. The green leaves need to soak up the sun for next years blooms. When planting, pour some water into the hole before filling with dirt and your bulbs will be just fine, and will proably bloom for you next year.

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Thank you so much---back in the ground they go!

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These are so tough, I once dug them as you did, forgot them and they spent summer and winter laying on top of the ground. In the spring I found them when they bloomed! Al

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Can I store them and replant in the fall,
That too is a possibility. If you were planning to plant them in an area where you are growing things that require watering throughout the summer this year, that might be best anyway. If you move and plant them now, they 'could' rot (bake) with warm moist soil this summer. They 'might' also do just fine. In your zone, I'd probably just store them with the foliage attached until it dried, and then store them in a dry airy place until the soil temps have cooled in your area and it is their 'proper' planting time.

chemocurl...aka Sue

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