Bonsai nurseries NY, LI

hookilau(long island NY)October 19, 2012

OK, I've had my fill of looking at nursery stock => I'd like to visit a bonsai nursery but it doesn't seem any of the places I can find online in my area are brick & mortar businesses, just online sales.

Anyone know of a nursery I can visit to look at stuff?...I don't want to necessarily speak to anyone, just look & consider (if that makes any sense, lol) I'm in Long Island & would rather not go into the city, but will if I have to.


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Hope you came through the hurricane with every thing in tact. Our prayers are with y'all here from in New Orleans. We understand the difficulties and the perseverance it takes to move forward. This nursery may be worth the trip.

Just to study the uplifting works of bonsai art. Aloha

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hookilau(long island NY)

thanks lehua :) for the link & kind thoughts.

We only just got power back about an hour ago. Our home is a wee bit inland, so we were spared flooding but not the rest of the fresh hell that comes with the partial breakdown of society :/ New Yorkers can be rough around the edges when things are going WELL, so it's been particularly difficult.

It could've been much worse for us as far as loss, so we're thankful & try not to whine in public, lol. Let's put it this way, I'll never underestimate the value of a hot cup of morning coffee again!


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IF...they are still in business....try: "Jiu San Bonsai", 1243 Mellville Rd., Farmingdale off Route 110.

Also, Shanti Bithi in Stamford, the Merritt Pkwy...but, it might be a schlep for you. Come across the Whitestone Bridge, and go straight up the Hutch, which becomes the Merritt. Exit 37, make a left and follow Route 137 for a few miles. Bonsai Nursery on the right. About 30-40 minutes away from Whitestone Bridge...and a nice drive. Call first...reduced winter hours.

Happy shopping.


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