Acidanthera not coming up!

weeper_11(2b SK)April 20, 2009

I start all of my tender bulbs in jiffy pots inside first, then transplant them out once it stops freezing. This is my first year with Acidanthera murielae(peacock orchid, etc.). I planted the bulbs over 2 weeks ago, and nothing is poking out yet! Most of my Gladiolus have come up, but none of my calla lilies have come up either.

Are they not getting enough sun and heat?

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Mine haven't sprouted yet, either - they don't do much until it gets warm. Just be sure not to overwater them until you begin to see growth, and they should be fine.

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Gladiolus callianthus, formerly Acidanthera are not nearly as fast to grow or flower as the regular gladiolus. Mine usually take twice as long, but are dependable. Al

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weeper_11(2b SK)

I dug into the soil to check on the bulbs, and the callas are just about to poke through the soil, but the acidanthera have not sprouted at all! They are just sitting in the soil like they were when I first planted them.

I've heard that they don't do anything until it warms up, but they have a huge southern exposure window, and it is plus 20 celsius in the house..isn't that warm enough? If they don't start growing soon I'm afraid I might lose their blooms to frost. If they don't start poking out until May, will I have blooms by late August?

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weeper your post does not give a clue to your zone, but it is quite possible you may run out of summer before your Acidanthera bloom. If your zone allows leaving gladiolus in the ground through winter next year they will probably bloom earlier. My saved bulbs are always ahead of my first year bulbs. Al

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weeper_11(2b SK)

My zone is 2b, though I can grow zone 3 and 4 plants with some protection. We usually start getting some light frosts in September. I have to dig all my callas, gladiolus and acidanthera every fall, obviously.

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I'm in zone 8 and mine sprout in August but I have yet to see a bloom. I planted them in 2009. Could someone tell me the requirements for these. Sun, Soil, Water, ...

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tkhooper, were your bulbs left in the ground from last year? I am sure they will winter OK in your zone. The growing requirements are the same as for other Gladiolus. Full sun and regular summer water, good drainage. Here in zone 9 my Acidanthera are full grown but no bloom stalks yet while my regular glads are already bloomed out and gone. Al

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Mine have bloom stalks on them now which are about to open. I plant mine in pots tho considering they grow a bit late. These typically bloom into fall for me!

My Glad. Tristus is just now starting to pop above the soil, this is one of my favorite species as the leaves are much more slender and the flowers are marked beautifully!


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