Good Plants/Flowers for Small Pots

alielizaFebruary 22, 2008

I posted in the orchids section about my desire to buy potted orchids for my July 2010 wedding to use as centerpieces, but I am quickly realizing that this could become more expensive than I bargained for.

My newest idea is to grow potted flowers and plants (possibly herbs) to group on the tables as centerpieces.

I understand, though, that many flowers will not grow to a size that they will bloom in such a small pot (a 4" pot).

I know you can buy flats of, say, petunias in bloom, so they might be a good option...

What other plants/flowers/herbs would you recommend for small pots (that would look beautiful grouped together as a wedding centerpiece)?

PS. I understand that I am taking a great risk expecting to grow the flowers myself....Both my fiance and I are gardeners, as well as both of my parents. I am willing to take my chances with supplementing the ones that don't work out with potted plants bought from a nursery (ie, flats of petunias, or something of the like, that I can divide up and plant in various pots...)

I will definitely look for "dwarf" varieties, and petunias are on our list, but what other plants are available "dwarf"?

Let me also mention the colors we are thinking:



Dark Blue

Dark Purple

I had originally wanted to do just white and green, but I think that dark blue and/or dark purple will be a nice accent color, and will add some interest to the centerpieces.

Let me add some questions:

Will the following flowers work in containers??




Gerbera Daisy


Im not sure that I necessarily want tall flowers, like some of the ones mentioned above (Cosmos, Daisy, Anemone) but they are some options.


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What about pansies? I think they would like nice, and colors are such varieties. White fibrous begonias are also a thought.

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If you want them to look full and lush for the wedding, I would consider buying flats and forcing some good growth and flower production (using a bloom buster fertilizer). Then right before the wedding replant the healthiest plants into small containers. You could cram 2 or 3 plants into one small pot for a really lush look. Do it at least 3 days before the wedding so they would get over any wilting they might want to do.

If you want to use herbs (a really nice idea!), or small ferns, then you could plant a few of those in a pot and accent it with some dried white flowers. Before planting, paint clay pots with white, jade, blue and purple designs. Once planted, tie a little ribbon or raffia around each pot in blues and purples. These would make nice give-aways for your wedding party too! If you paint them yourselves, you can have a variety of sizes and shapes all over the party room. Will it be outside? Tie white, blue and purple ribbons to tree branches, too!

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