Tall, narrow pot

schifferle(5b NE Kansas)February 18, 2010

I impulse bought a tall, narrow ceramic pot for the front of my house. It wasn't until I got it home that I got to wondering how to plant flowers in it. It's a waste of potting soil to fill it up with annuals whose roots won't go very far down. If I plant them in a smaller pot & sit the pot inside the ceramic pot, I have the problem of what to use to keep it raised up. I always see photos in magazines of flowers in similar containers, but they never mention how they plant in them, just what they plant.

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I have a few of those. I put the smaller container inside. Make sure it is the same size at the top. Some of them "hang" within the larger ones. So, I don't have to fill those huge pots with potting soil. Also, I was able to keep my very nice ceramic pots (with "fake" Christmas trees)and no poting soil through the winter - and no breaks. So far, so good...

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I've placed several empty aluminum soda cans (with non-crinkled sides), upside down, and put a simple mesh on top. Then the soil sits on that to reduce the volume. The cans hold a tremendous amount of weight. But I don't know if the cans are tall enough for your pot.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

In the past, I've used those packing peanuts to help fill up volume. However, I've heard mention of empty water / soda bottles used in the container, and that would be my method if I had a large container to pot.


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I have a few tall containers, not because the plants in them will likely send roots to the bottom, but because the container fits the location. Yes I paid quite a lot extra for the tall decorated containers. Because I feel strongly that the mix in any container should not vary in composition from the top to the bottom, I am willing to spend the buck or two extra for the correct mix in the right amount to fill the container. Al

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