Short to non-existing tulips

mycupofjoe(zone 7 - central NJ)April 26, 2009

Hi! I planted bulbs two falls ago. We have various ones and are never sure what will grow since the squirrels just love to dig my bulbs right up.

Last year the tulips grew and flowered, but were shorties. This year, they are extremely short (some did flower) but some are not even an inch off of the ground (and miraculously did flower/bloom). Then there are a ton of non-flowered tulips - just the leaves. There were more tulips last year than this year. :(

Is there a way to fix this? I'm really tempted to dig up everything I can and start over. The first 4 years living here the tulips always came up fine. Just the past two have been beyond frustrating.

Oh - and I just thought to add, there are gladiolas that come up and they've been coming up fine. I also have a patch of irises (not a clue where they came from, lol) that grow beautifully as well. It's just the tulips that are giving me the issues.

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

A dry spring can cause tulips to have short stems. Also, as the bulbs get weaker, (as tulip bulbs inevitably do) the stems and flowers may get smaller, if you get them at all.

Many species tulips have 2-3" stems naturally. But they don't get shorter every year.

I treat most of my tulips as annuals and replant every year. If any come back, it's a gift.

Glads and irises are much more perennial than tulips.

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mycupofjoe(zone 7 - central NJ)

Thanks for the information! I think then, I'll just go ahead and replant this fall and hope for the best!

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