snow and freeze forecast--should I cover tulips?

raee_gwApril 14, 2014

The buds are above ground although none are opening yet. The hyacinths and daffodils, anemones and chionodoxa are all in full bloom. I am more worried about the forecast of overnight temp in the 20's than possible snow. Can any of these blooms survive a freeze, or should I be cutting the blooms and covering the buds?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

They will be fine. Tulips won't care. The daffodils might go limp until it warms again but that depends on how cold it gets. Cut a few daffs anyway, it's a shame to leave them all outside!

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Thanks Kato_b, we did get about 1/2 - 1 inch of snow but the temps are just at freezing. Tomorrow night it is supposed to hit 20F. I did cover most of the daffs and hyacinths with sheets, and piled Christmas tree branches over the still emerging buds of tulips. The smaller flowers are on their own! (and yes, I did cut a bouquet!)

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

How did you make out with the cold? We went down to around 20F last night and today some of the hyacinths look a little droopy and have that glassy look. I hope they recover, but it hasn't really warmed up long enough to know for sure. Everything else looks ok except for some corydalis that I'm also hoping will recover.

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I went on a marathon of covering things yesterday, since I had just acquired a duffle bag of old sheets and had a lot of empty pots... I was worried about all the surviving tidbits of roses that were leafing out too ....uncovered everything today, and although yes, the daffs/hyacinths/chionodoxa are all droopy they look pretty intact. Even those I didn't cover. And the blossoms on the nanking cherry (which opened between the time I first posted and yesterday afternoon!) seemed to come through unharmed.

Not so the magnolia blossoms though. Yesterday beautiful, today just limp brown rags. So sad but happens every 3rd year at least.

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