juniper Bonsai problem

SandyCharlesOctober 6, 2013

My Juniper has been outdoors all summer. The lower branches are fading in color and fullness, although the upper ones are green and fluffy. I have been watering it daily, and the drain hole is open and clear.Should I remove the thick moss on top of the Bonsai soil to let it dry out? Someone told me to "never let your moss get dry."

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Moss should be removed until you are in the presentation mode. General care should be concerned with providing good drainage soil and making sure the soil is not too moist all the time. When you water does water come out the bottom hole? Do you use a gritty soil mixture that allows water (and air) to move through the soil quickly? Once in a while a container needs a good flushing to remove salts at accumulate in a container plant. Fertilize infrequently with diluted fertilizer amounts. There are many other comments if more info is provided. JMHO Aloha

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