Anyone grow narcissus Galactic Star?

coatfetish(z6 VA.)April 11, 2013

I have hundreds, if not thousands of daffodils, however my Galactic Star only bloomed it's first spring, (last year) and I haven't seen it at all this year - no foliage even. I assume it's gone. I've emailed the source I bought it from to see if they've had any similar reports - I was going to order more last fall but it was listed as unavailable in their catalog. That worried me then, too. They sent a return email needing details, I'll share my answers here - maybe someone has experience with this narcissus?

My growing conditions for the bed this daff was in; 18 yr old raised bed that is 4' x 48' in size, amended with organic compost in the spring (not yet this spring), watered by hose by hand when weather required it (no drip system, etc.) and I rarely water after September/late fall. Full sun, mulched bed. Companion plants within a 6' radius include other narcissus, hemerocallis, tall bearded iris, shasta daisy, and rose campion.

I've never lost daffs before, so it's a mystery! No squirrels, moles, voles, chipmunks, etc. I'm in Z6. The pic is from last spring's bloom - I loved this one, such a shame!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I love it too but have never grown it. You need to dig up the area and see if anything is left from the bulbs. They may have rotted which is sad but not the end of the world, what I would worry about is some kind of pest. If you find hollowed out bulbs or bulb parts, that's bad and we'll go from there.
I've read that some of those reverse bicolors (yellow with white trumpet) tend to get rot on the bottom of the bulb during the summer if moist while dormant.

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)


The vendor also asked me to dig them up and report their status, but there is nothing there - no husks, no remains at all. Now if they did rot, that would explain not finding anything as it would be absorbed into the ground. Not a wet summer last year, and the bed is raised 10" so drainage is good, but something definitely went wrong with those bulbs. Since it only happened to Galactic Star and it happened to all of them, I'm assuming they are weak and prone to rot. I didn't know the theory behind reverse bicolors, thanks for telling me!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

So pretty! Thanks for the heads up on this daffodil.

I've had Spellbinder for 10 years -- not as dramatic contrast as Galactic Star. Some yellow on the trumpet. It's been a very slow increaser.

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coatfetish(z6 VA.)

Well i heard back from the vendor - they said that because I planted them in raised beds, and because I add aged compost to my beds, I caused them to rot in their opinion. Shaking my head on THAT one! Somehow those conditions have never effected 100s of other daffs in all these years - lol. Live & learn.

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