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trailer_gal(z4 ND)April 2, 2009

Today I purchased a tulip 4 1/2 inches out of the ground, tulip 1 inch, hyacinth 1 inch, and daffodil 3 inches. I got them at Walmart for $1.00 each and they look really stocky and healthy.

If I would need them to be in bloom April 17, is there any way to have the best chance that they would be blooming at that time. Maybe keep them in a cool, not sunny area until a certain amount of time before I want them to bloom? Walmart had some bulbs further along and some just barely peaking through. At what stage of growth do you think I should get them. If it were possible to make this work I would get at least 18 more. It seems that at Walmart,in the store, the tulips come into bloom really fast and then get leggy. Thanks for any advice.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I don't know and think it would be very hard to guess what to buy and then how to treat it and for how long to be assured of bloom on the 17th.

The nice thing about the daffs and hyacinths though is that even if they are not timed right, all is not lost as they can then be planted in the garden and enjoyed for years to come. Most tulips on the other hand are not known for reliably returning year after year.

Maybe that is what you had in mind though,,,them being in bloom for an occasion and then giving them to others for planting out in their own gardens.


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trailer_gal(z4 ND)

Thanks, Sue. I was kind of thinking it would be hard to time that but also was trying to remember how long it takes them to bloom in the spring outside after I see them come through the soil. I suppose they would bloom a lot faster in a pot inside because it is warmer. My tulips and daffodils outside now still have snow on them. It is a late spring.

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its barely two weeks that each of the bulbs has to come to something. A forced bulb, such as what you've bought, can take two to three weeks after coming into light to show a flower start. You might try giving them as much sun as you can---in a south, or west exposure, and if they begin to show too much, too fast, then simply withdraw them from the light and stop watering.

The daffodil can be planted in your garden after it is allowed to wilt and go brown, but will take upwards of 3 years to bloom again.
The tulips, no....they have served their purpose and should be thrown away.

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