Chromacolor daffodil sport... gorgeous!

ladychroe(z6 NJ)April 18, 2009

I planted these Chromacolor daffodils in fall '07, I think. They came up nicely last spring. This year, I found this amazing split-cup variation. Will this happen next year? Do I have a new variety of daffodil on my hands?

Normal Chromacolor (very large and beautiful):

New ruffled, half-double Chromacolor:

Oh, and one of the other Chromacolors has some lovely subtle extra thingies within the cup:

What do you think?

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Kind of a funny lookin' little guy isn't it!! I guess the only way to find out if it is stable is to wait until next year :o) Dan

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Lovely!!! Love the Eye Candy!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm..............What I find is especially strange that 2 of the blooms were not 'normal'. That sort of leads me to believe that something happened to cause the blooms to be distorted.

Is there any possibility that the foliage was hit by some sort of a weed killer last year as it was dying back, before it totally disappeared?...Like Round-up, or Weed and Feed (2-4D)or something similar? I have seen plants that got 'some killer' spray or granules on them do strange things, like distorted branches.

Do you remember where you got them from in 2007? If so, you might try writing them and sending pics. Another thing that is 'possible' is that it is from a seedling...where a daff made seeds, dropped, and finally after several years became bulb size. That is rather unlikely though. Daffs which are hybrids will not grow true from seed.

Please keep us posted on whatever you might be able to find out....and how it blooms next season.


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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

I don't think that they got hit with any weed killer. I guess with a DH like mine, it's possible... but not probable. Perhaps this kind of daffodil is not stable and has occasional variations?

I purchased them from Brent and Becky's. All came up normally last year.

I am pretty sure it's not a seedling, since it was right in the middle of the Chromacolor patch and it's identical to the others as far as height and color is concerned.

I will definitely post on how it does next year. I find it very beautiful and special and I hope that it is stable!

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