Elephant Ears...which way is up?

Fleur(z5)April 20, 2007

I just bought several elephant ear bulbs. They were almost as round as baseballs. Am I correct that the end with the concentric circles is the "blunt" end and the end with some scar-like areas is the "top". Thanks for your help.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

In the center of the circles is a small rise that will be the growth point of the stem. The other end usually has traces of hair like roots. Wait until the ground is warm before planting as the bulb can easily rot if planted in cold wet soil. Al

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Shame on me I work in the Garden Center of a Home Depot, and I really can't figure this out. It is very hard to say which way the "hair" is going.
I bought 5 small bulbs (2 inches in diameter) and planted them 2 weeks ago. I planted them with that big pink-red pimple(looks like a lump) downwards, which now I think it was a mistake. The reaon I did that was because some of the bulbs had on their other (opposite of the pimple) side another rise that looked like a stem that had been cut down in order to preserve and pack the bulbs.
Can you tell me please which side is the right one (the one with the pimple or the other), and also how long it takes them to start growing? (I couldn't understand Calistoga's anwswer very well because I remember the bulbs had circles and diferent rises from both sides).
Tomorrow I am going to dig them put to see what is going on and why they don't grow.
Thank you in advance!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

If you don't believe me, plant them on their side and they will do OK. Remember they are a tropical plant and need warm soil. If you wait to plant until you plant your beans or other warm season veggies, they will be fine. Al

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I believe you. I just couldn't understand if the rise you are talking about is the pimple I mentioned:))

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

A rise or a pimple it is going to be a stem. The bulb will grow roots before producing the stem, so it may seem like nothing is happening. Al

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I found an old HGTV article which has a picture and lots of good information.

I think the scars on my bulbs are from where smaller bulbs formed and were subsequently detached. Anyway, to make a long story short, the concentric circles are at the top of the "bulb". Of course, now a new conundrum is born. The article suggests that you plant the bulb 2 times it's height. Folks here think 2" on top of the bulb(actually, rhizome)is enough. I guess it depends on how large a "bulb" you begin with. Thanks to all who took an interest in this topic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting Elephant Ears

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I planted three large elephant ears a couple of weeks ago. I reason occured that i had to dig them up an locate them to another area. When planting them i didn't give any thought as to which way was up. This morning when i dug them up i found numerous roots that sprouted from the down side of the bulb. Also in the center of these roots is a projection that looks like a rhinocerous horn. Their are also a couple of much smaller versions of this protrusions at this same down side. When i replanted them i assumed that the end with the rhinocerous horn would be the start of the stem; so i put this side up with the horn and sprouted roots up. From my explanation can you advise if i have replanted these bulbs cotrrectely. Please reply as soon as possible; if i am wrong i want to dig them up again and re plant them according to your recomendation.

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