Costco Narcissus Bulb

number2(USDA 9b/Sunset 14)April 3, 2013

Last fall, I bought a bag of 50 "Double" Narcissus, white based flower with either peach or yellow intermixing with white center . I was so excited and planted all the bulbs by December. Most of the bulbs are coming up now but to my surprise, all but only one are Trumpet Narcissus and they are all in Yellow! I already have some Trumpet varieties in my garden, both yellow and white, and I don't more Trumpet. The only Double Narcissus in the batch is not even white, the whole flower is yellow.

I am so disappointed in the costco bulb now. Just want to share this with those who are planning to get bulb from costco. If you are not particular about color and varieties, Costco may still work for you.

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Would you like to trade those for something on my trade list?

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Costco is usually pretty liberal in accepting returns if you kept your proof of purchase. I know it is not a lot of money, but the work of the planting, and the disappointment. I hope you can trade with someone. I buy from Costco and sometimes I am disappointed but accept it in exchange for the price. Al

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